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Sh*t people say to (musical) theatre majors

Peasant: What can you do with that major?
Peasant: Oh, so you want to be a waiter/waitress?
Peasant: Musical theatre? What instrument do you play?
Peasant: You sing? Sing something right now!
Peasant: So you want to be on Broadway?
Peasant: Disney has musical theatre jobs?
Peasant: Is that really a major?
Peasant: You're really dramatic. No wonder you're a theatre major.
Peasant: You're a theatre major? But you're so quiet!
Peasant: Act out something right now!
Peasant: Were you just talking to yourself?
Peasant: Oh sorry, were you on the phone?
Peasant: … Whats a monologue?
Peasant: How long have you danced?
Peasant: What part are you in the show going on right now?…….. You're not in it? But you're a theatre major.
Peasant: You're working backstage? But you're not a techie.
Peasant: I bet you're totally different on stage.
Peasant: Why do you have rehearsal so much?
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